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I always speak things from my own experience and perspective. One of the things i have experienced is fear. I think a lot of us live in that mode of fight or flight. What i mean by that.

We are in a situation, we can call that for now a job, as an example. You wake up in the morning and you feel a heavy feeling in your tummy. The feeling that you do no want to got to work. Most of us ignore that feeling because we think we do not have a choice. Read that again. We THINK we do not have a choice. And so we have decided that this is going to be our situation now. Not to mention that through this feeling we can transform a lot of damage in our body, mind and spirit.

The reason we do not change this situation is fear. We build a whole idea in our minds believing things like, we can not do anything else because this is what we have worked for our whole life, we are not capable, we do not deserve more, why should we?

I feel you. I hear you. This is an example of a situation but if you think about it, we act through fear in many situations in our life. When your body is talking to you, remember that feeling, you must listen to it. You must act on it. Trust me, i know, it is not easy but once you do it once and you feel the sensation of relief you will understand yourself 100 times more. You will start to learn yourself. You will start to do things for you. You will love yourself. You will be proud. Your body is talking to you. You have one beautiful life. One small beautiful life. Why would you let fear take over? let your spirit guide you.

I read this once: Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward, stronger and wiser within ourselves. Small, short and sweet. I go with that every day now.

Take that risk, change your situation even if it feels uncomfortable to start with.Trust yourself through the process. It is your choice to live a heavy life or a life that will feel beautiful, challenging and of course rewarding. The things you gain by facing your fears are much more than settling for less. Choose wisely.

I hope this has somehow helped you. I will be posting soon my own experience of how i overcame fear.

Have a lovely Saturday,

Blessings, Bella xx

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