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Hi, my name is Bella Mouzakiti. I am passionate about dance, fitness and wellbeing. My journey as a dancer and athlete taught me a lot about physical health but most importantly mental health. I have competed and performed as a professional dancer and also as an athlete. Being in that field I realised how much people need not just physical support but also psychological support.


Dance and fitness can help free the mind and with both those practices I have come up with amazing practices, offering people to move and free their minds. Also, workshops that will help you connect mind, body and spirit. It is all connected and together we can connect as a community and share the same passion. 

My space here is for everyone. Everyone that is passionate to dance for fun, boosts their confidence and feels ALIVE. Exercise to release anything that doesn't serve them and take their goals into further practice, become stronger. 

I offer Private dance classes to empower you, find confidence and connect with your body, Personal training to meet your personal goals and movement workshops that link to spirituality and inner engineering while connecting mind, spirit and body. 


The aim of this website is to empower people both physically and mentally and bring people together. 


7-8pm Fridays @flowdancestudios

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I offer a range of private sessions.